At our core, we are a claims manager servicing the transport industry.
However, our business is so much more than that.

FreightSafe Warranty Program

FreightSafe’s Warranty Program provides transport providers, aggregators and 4PL’s a compliant solution in funding and managing their claims for goods lost or damaged in transit.

Our solution generates significantly more than just the outsourcing of claims. Our clients generate profitable revenue from the offering, deep insights into their operations from our proprietary data reporting tools and a professional party to manage claims and remove friction with your clients; quickly, professionally and with your brand in mind.

Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

As a service provider to some of the world’s largest underwriters, insurers and insurance brokers, FreightSafe has the ability to assess, manage and settle claims within 7 days or less. Our clients have access to our paperless claims management tools and reporting suite, giving them the ability to detect potential fraud, mitigate claim related risks and identify and manage trends.

FreightSafe manages tens of thousands of claims each year and has the ability to scale its services quickly, either through the remote management of claims (Australia based) or embedded within a client’s team.

Carriers that provide their customers with the FreightSafe Warranty Program put themselves at a significant advantage, in what is a highly competitive industry, through actual additional earnings, genuine increased service levels and actionable data insights.

FreightSafe do this every day for Australia’s largest carriers. We can tailor a solution for you too.

Data Reporting & Analysis

We are data nerds at our core. FreightSafe captures every available data point to build a set of information which is unique to the industry and is revolutionary in identifying operational risk at a carrier level and reducing the risk of future claims.

Our data is fully accessible to our clients providing them with actionable insights into the where, when and why of lost or damaged freight. Once you can answer these questions, change can be implemented to ensure they do not happen again.

Access to data is also key. Clients can log into our cloud-based tools 365 days per year and run an extensive range of reports as they require or reports can be pushed to them at the frequency they choose. Additionally, through API integration, FreightSafe can provide KPI dashboards to Business Intelligence (BI) tools giving clients access to data in their own operational environments as required.

Online Services

With a true core focus on technology, our clients and their customers have access to online claim lodgement, real time claim tracking and customised reporting. Our paperless systems allow you as a client to see the benefit of robust but fast claims management, within 7 days or less, with a full suite of tools to manage your business, track your claims and understand how to improve your business. If you’re still managing claims with an Excel spreadsheet, it’s time to give us a call.

Conflict Resolution Specialists

When freight gets lost or damaged, someone is bound to be unhappy about it. FreightSafe turn this negative customer experience into a positive outcome that ensures your clients keep coming back. Our staff are trained in the latest conflict resolution techniques and are adept at dealing with emotional and upset customers. We resolve even the most difficult situations, providing win-win outcomes for our carriers and their clients.

Industry Best Practise

With 17 years of claims management experience specific to the freight industry, our team are experts in managing claims for lost and damaged freight. Our staff are also qualified with the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) to ensure that FreightSafe remains abreast of industry best practise. We continue to support ongoing professional development for every member of the FreightSafe team throughout the organisation.