Freight Provider.

You move large quantities of freight every day. Inevitably a small percentage will be lost or damaged. So what can you do?

Our Benefits Include

Revenue increase

Significant bottom line revenue is generated for the freight provider.

Improved customer service

The solution allows you to assist a customer in the event of a claim, rather than chasing them away by relying on your standard terms and conditions.

Reporting system

Freight providers can access FreightSafe’s proprietary web based reporting system giving you operational transparency on a wide range of operational factors.

Claims administration

With FreightSafe acting as the freight provider’s claims administrator, the freight provider can focus on servicing clients, while we manage the claims.


The FreightSafe solution is compliant with all legislation.

Success based fees

Our program has no upfront costs and our fee structure is success based. We are successful only if you are successful.

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