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FreightSafe was established in 1995, when the founder of the business, Steve Zeff, wrote his thesis on the FreightSafe Warranty business plan while at university, and opened the first FreightSafe office in South Africa shortly thereafter. Steve opened a further office in Australia in 2001 and after significant market acceptance, established offices in the United Kingdom in January 2013.


FreightSafe is a professional 3rd party claims administrator that has been servicing the freight industry for over 17 years.  The company’s commitment to building on its long standing relationships with its customers and partners has ensured that the FreightSafe Warranty has made a lasting, positive impression on the freight landscape in all areas that FreightSafe operates.


Freight providers who once viewed claims as a burden on their time, resources and earnings now have the ability to add value through the claim management process to both their customers and their own organisations in a significant manner.

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